2nd International Conference on

Theme : An cognizance into Advanced Studies and Innovative Research in Chemistry and their branches


Welcome to the exciting noble International Conference on Chemistry. 

Without Chemistry, the world would not have existed and without the world, we would not have been existed. Chemistry forms part of human life and creation of the world. Chemistry is the study of chemical substances such as organic and inorganic. Universe, environment, and human body is made of chemicals and molecules. Chemistry is a science and a study of structure like how molecules are formed from atoms; and when they form what happens and what chemical processes takes place. How Chemistry and its various branches influence human life for better or for worse.

Chemistry has several numerous branches such as Biochemistry, Phyto Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Biological Chemistry, Material Chemistry, Chemical Weapons, Environmental Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Petrochemicals, Polymer Chemistry, Clinical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry to name a few. 

Despite new discoveries and advancements in Chemistry over the years, one wonders has this science lived up to the expectations of the people? What branches of chemistry has made rapid strides in its development? What branches of chemistry has become neglected and what are the reasons?  The role of Chemistry in developing chemical weapons. How could any human being justify chemical weapons? What good these chemical weapons of mass destruction bring to the world today? Questions such as these and many more are going to be raised and discussed threadbare and in detail at this amazing International Conference on Chemistry and its allied branches. Renowned speakers hailing from the respective branches of chemistry are going to enlighten the delegates, participants with their knowledge and expertise. The speakers would also suggest what more could be done in the respective branches of chemistry and how such developments are going to benefit, the world, the society and finally us, human beings. 

Academicians, chemistry students, chemistry professors, clinicians, chemist chemical scientists, chemistry researchers, pharmacy students, nurses, pharmaceutical companies, chemical companies, their employees, executives, hospitals and their staffs, chemistry research laboratories, laboratory equipment manufacturers, healthcare personnel and people whose interests lie in chemistry and its allied branches are going to participate in this noble Conference on Chemistry.


Why to Attend?

International Conference on Chemistry being held in Barcelona on 22nd to 24th October 2018 is a forum

  •   To explore, study, understand, discuss and gain insights into the status and issues concerning Chemistry and its allied branches or fields.
  •   To discuss about the advancements and its influences on Chemistry. Discussing problems, bottlenecks and stumbling blocks in Chemistry and its allied branches; its policies and regulatory issues.
  •   To learn how far the science of Chemistry and its allied branches has raised the living standards of people of the world.
  •   To understand how technological advances, benefits and disadvantages in Chemistry and its allied branches are influencing us.

And by participating in this Conference on Chemistry, participants can have an advantage of meeting renowned speakers of international stature. And by discussing, debating, networking, and sharing participants shall benefit a lot by gaining insights into their respective profession falling under Chemistry and its various branches.


This international conference on Chemistry provides wonderful opportunities to all the participants to share their knowledge, skills, expertise, experience, research notes, case studies in their respective specialisations in Chemistry and its allied branches through networking and interacting.

  •   You will gain a lot by attending this Conference on Chemistry as this is going to be a livewire event with lively debates, discussions, workshops, brain storming sessions, sharing knowledge & experience, keynote addresses by renowned speakers, sharing research findings, power point presentations, posters and video presentations.
  •  You will learn what technological advancements were made in Chemistry and its allied branches of Chemistry.
  •   You will benefit by learning how those technological advances in Chemistry influence your profession and your career-life.
  •   As it is said "Information is Power"; being equipped with information in your service sector makes you more knowledgeable, more skilled and well-informed; and puts you one notch above your peers in your career-life


Thus Scientific Tree believes and advices all the people whose career lives are intertwined with Chemistry and its allied branches to attend this Conference on Chemistry being held in Barcelona, Spain on 22nd to 24th October, 2018. And gain a lot.